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The best bodybuilding supplements

The best bodybuilding supplements aren’t going to be the newest, most exciting and over-hyped supplement. The best supplements are well established and backed with lots of peer reviewed studies.

If you’re still trying to find that magic supplement that’ll give you magical gains, snap out of it. The sooner you give up chasing that unicorn, the faster you’ll grow.

While proper supplementation can optimize your growth and well-being, it is the smallest part of the iron game and the amount of time you spend on it should reflect this.

With that said, let’s go over the best and most effective bodybuilding supplements:

Creatine for performance

What Does Creatine Do

More specifically, creatine monohydrate. The major peer reviewed studies have all used creatine monohydrate to test its performance and cognitive enhancing abilities. When it comes to performance enhancement, it can aid you in a bigger 1 rep max or a few more reps.

Unfortunately, not everyone can benefit from its performance enhancement. Studies have shown that there are 3 levels of response to creatine monohydrate ranging from no response at all to a very noticeable boost. Creatine has also shown to be less effective for beginners (maybe their muscles lack the capacity to hold onto enough creatine to make a difference, this is just my speculation though).

When buying creatine, look for 100% creapure, it doesn’t have any useless filler. Don’t get tricked into buying mixed with a bunch of sugar for a higher cost. The most recognized creatine studies used creatine and plain water, no need for sugar to help you absorb it.

Check out my article on What Does Creatine Do? to learn more about it.

Zinc for recovery

Best Bodybuilding Supplements - Zinc

Zinc is great for optimizing your recovery and growth. Having enough zinc in your diet improves digestion, sleep and hormone production. Take it at night to optimize your sleep and you’ll wake up with…extra vigor.

Pumpkin seeds are a convenient source of zinc.

Whey protein for convenience

I know that she's drinking milk and not whey protein...but she's cute, so that's close enough.

While it’s not good to use this as your main source of protein, whey protein is great to have for convenience. It will help you meet your protein goals of the day and it also becomes useful on one of the days where you can’t get around to eat properly.

I wouldn’t recommend it for a cut because meat would keep you fuller and longer.

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Fish oil for soreness and growth

Best Bodybuilding Supplements - fish oil

Besides the health benefits, fish oil reduces inflammation and it can decrease soreness from working out (DOMS). Recent studies have also shown that taking 2 g EPA and 1.5 g DHA every day may enhance muscle growth.

Vitamin D3 for performance and testosterone

Best Bodybuilding Supplements - vitamin d

An athlete’s performance will peak with optimal levels of vitamin D3 and performance declines as the vitamin D levels drop.

Calcium can boost testosterone and since you need vitamin D to absorb calcium, it will optimize the role of calcium.

Vitamin D also helps lower our stress hormones, which can block out the effects of testosterone.

Caffeine for performance enhancement

Intermittent Fasting To Lose Weight Fast

Suppresses your appetite and amps you up for a workout. If you’re going to experiment with intermittent fasting, caffeine will make it go a lot smoother. Personally, I just take it before working out for a better time.

L-Tyrosine to amplify stimulants

In bodybuilding/strength training, people tend to use tyrosine to amplify the effects of stimulants like caffeine. I use it for this reason as well and it puts me in a better mood.

Most of the research done on this nutrient comes from research units attached to the US military. It has been shown to maintain your cognitive function under a lot of physical stress and lack of sleep.

Multivitamins as safeguard

Most people take it as a safeguard against vitamin deficiencies and that’s not a bad move.

Personally, I’m not a fan of them and prefer to get most of it from whole foods and supplement selectively. Examine the multivitamin contents and see which one’s you’re not getting on a regular basis and supplement those instead.

Why not glutamine?

Glutamine is a popular supplement, but I’m just not convinced in the research behind it.

Research has shown that glutamine can help your muscles grow if you can get the glutamine into your muscle cells. Unfortunately, you can’t get it there by taking it orally. Your small intestines will absorb almost all of it.

Will update

I’ll add updates to this list when I have more time in the future.

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