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How To Relieve Sore Leg Muscles In 10 Minutes Or Less

How To Relieve Sore Leg Muscles

by Yuan

It’s perfectly normal to have sore leg muscles after working out. But if you’re experiencing a lot of muscle soreness after working the legs, it can mess with your life…painful getting up/sitting down, can’t run properly, stairs are a problem, putting on shoes, etc….

In this post, I’m going to talk about ‘How To Relieve Sore Leg Muscles In 10 Minutes of Less’ and also how to program your workout routine so this doesn’t happen:

How To Relieve Sore Leg Muscles In 10 Minutes or Less

Go on the treadmill and set the speed at a brisk walk, you should be able to hold a conversation. Set an incline and don’t hold onto the handles. Hold yourself up straight with your abs while walking on the incline. I personally like to set the incline at 7-8.5 going at 3-3.5 km/h.

This brisk walk is not meant to be intense, but you should have worked up a sweat by the end of it.

If your leg muscles are very sore, this will be painful for a few minutes. After about five minutes, you’ll  start feeling better. It’s very simple and effective. While it won’t magically alleviate you of all discomfort, the pain will be relieved and some mild soreness may remain.

The point of this is to get your heart pumping a bit and also move more blood through your legs without too much strain. This will help your muscles get rid of the built up lactic acid.

Next, let’s talk about proper programming so that you can grow optimally while avoiding extreme muscle soreness (in which case, you are not growing optimally).

Proper Programming

If you have proper programming, your legs should not be crazy sore the day after. Elite olympic weightlifters squat 5 days a week often times and go heavy multiple times a week, all of this is possible with proper programming. They can’t afford to have extreme soreness affect their performance.

As a beginner, don’t be overly ambitious. Ramp up the weight and volume from session to session.

Even if you’re an intermediate trainee, there is no need to go crazy on leg day. It would be better to break it up throughout the week and periodize. You will experience much better growth this way as well.

The 5×5 Periodization Model For Intermediates

The 5×5 model is very effective. It is popularly used by Bill Starr and the U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Coach Glenn Pendlay. ‘Madcow’ popularized it on a few internet forums after he learned this method from Glenn Pendaly.

I’m going to talk about the simplest variation for intermediates, it’s called the Texas Method. You always start with squats.

At the start of the week, you’ll be using moderate weights. 85-90% of your 5 Rep Max and doing 5×5.

At the end of the week, you’ll be using heavy weights. Using your 5 Rep Max and doing 1×5.

In the middle of the week, you’ll be using low weights and low volume. 80% of your 5 Rep Max and doing 2×5 or 3×3.

Training the squat more frequently in this way will lead to less soreness.

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