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My Eat Stop Eat Review and Results

my eat stop eat reviewIn this post, I’m going to review Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon. I will talk about what it is, review the actual ebook and then talk about my experiences using it.

What is Eat Stop Eat: Intermittent Fasting To Lose Weight

Eat Stop Eat is about using intermittent fasting to lose weight.

Intermittent fasting is not a diet, it’s a pattern of eating. In the case of Eat Stop Eat, it involves fasting for 24 hours once or twice a week to reduce your weekly calorie intake by 15-25%.

Over the recent years, intermittent fasting has gained a very strong following. The hallmark of an online intermittent fasting community involves sharing pictures of delicious food or big meals that are about to be consumed. This may seem strange for a community dedicated to dieting.

It turns out that intermittent fasting is the silver bullet that makes it ‘work’ for people that love food and love eating big satisfying meals.

While the idea of intermittent fasting seems simple, it allows you to fit in those awesome meals without being miserable the rest of the times.

When intermittent fasting is performed correctly, you will also gain superior hunger control. When hunger and cravings will no longer affect as you as strongly, you won’t fall off the bandwagon as easily.

Longer Periods of Fasting

Everyone fasts every single day. You fast when you go to sleep. However, longer periods of fasting provides more health benefits and changes your metabolic state for optimal weight loss.

The health benefits include improved insulin sensitivity, improved blood lipid/triglyceride levels and a reduction of inflammation. Many of these factors will improve weight loss indirectly.

We all know that exercising helps you burn stored body fat. Intermittent fasting is an easy way to achieve the fat burning state without exercise (or enhances it with exercise).

In fact, exercising and fasting puts your body into a similar metabolic state:

Fasting also raises your metabolism somewhere between the 12 hour to 36 hour mark. We know this from a study that shows no change in metabolism when you fast for 12 hours or 72 hours. However, your metabolism rises by the 36 hour mark.

The Eat Stop Eat styled fast involves 24 hours for easy management while still maintaining the benefits of longer periods of fasting.

My Review Of the Book

I think Eat Stop Eat is the best book written on intermittent fasting for dieting and how it affects the body. No exaggerated claims, tells you exactly as it is.

From the point of application, it includes tons of troubleshooting tips for successful fasting and how to optimize it for maximum fat loss.

It also covers every questionable situation that may come up during the fast to ensure that you’re on the right track (it even covers getting cold fingers).

I liked that this book is scientifically sound, as it was originally Brad Pilon’s grad paper. He rewrote it into a book for easy reading.

It’s not like other common forms of media where a list of potential benefits are thrown at you without consideration for context and the actual significance in application.

So if you want to be able to separate facts from b.s. regarding intermittent fasting, this book delivers it.

My Experience with Eat Stop Eat

This might sound strange, but my biggest concern with a 24 hour fast was a decrease in productivity and creativity. I didn’t want my work to suffer.

But as it turns out, I actually had more mental clarity while fasting. It has to do with an increase in epinephrine levels. I was able to get more done while fasting, it felt like there was more time to work with when I didn’t have to worry about food.

While my first 24 hour fast was a challenge, I was able to get by with some tea (coffee would be a lot more effective). After a few more Eat Stop Eat fasts, I noticed that my hunger control improved significantly. Hunger and cravings in general no longer affected me as strongly.


Something that I really liked about Eat Stop Eat was the way it delivered results. Results became very ‘noticeable’…if that makes sense.

This could be from the large calorie deficit created in 24 hours instead of smaller deficits everyday throughout the week. More noticeable results that I can see made it more motivating for me.

I recommend this ebook for anyone that wants to successfully use fasting to lose weight. Fasting gets easier and easier, it’s the opposite of a diet where it gets harder and harder.

To download the ebook now, Visit The Official Site.

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