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My Tier 1 (Citadel Nutrition) review and experience

TIer 1 Review

Today I’m going to review Tier 1 by Citadel Nutrition. I enjoy taking a pre-workout stimulant to get the most out of my workouts. Right now, Tier 1 is my favourite.

Until recently I used Craze by Driven Sports. It was extremely effective, but I stopped using it when Dr. Pieter Cohen of Harvard Medical reported that the active ingredient is a methamphetamine analog with unknown long-term side effects. Talk about crazy.

Why Tier 1?

So I ditched Craze and went on looking for a new pre-workout supplement. Because of the previous scare, I wanted something completely transparent that only used well researched and high quality ingredients. The FDA doesn’t need to approve of a supplement’s safety before it hits the shelves and I want to avoid any potential health risks. Tier 1 fit the bill perfectly.

Absolutely loved their philosophy of having no proprietary blends and only including proven ingredients in effective dosages. This translates to higher value for your money from less filler and more substance.

Effectiveness and My Experience

After safety, the most important factor still boils down to effectiveness. While Tier 1 doesn’t amp you up as much as Craze, it’s very effective in its own right. The stimulant in Tier 1 is USP grade caffeine (USP grade is a pharmaceutical standard for high purity) with some L-Tyrosine for synergy, a combo that I love.

Most of the research done on tyrosine seems to be conducted by military related units. L-Tyrosine maintains your cognitive function under physical stress and lack of sleep. People that are into lifting weights use it to enhance the stimulant effect of caffeine.

I find that combined with caffeine, it gives more of a clear and focussed energy. Made it easier to monitor my lifting technique, a definite plus.

Taste and Mixability

It tastes and mixes better than everything else I’ve tried. I don’t even like lemonade, but this was delicious.

No Side Effects

There were no side effects. No crash after the workout, no upset stomach (like in the case of Hydravol), and no nausea.


This pre-workout is very simple. So simple that you can easily buy the individual ingredients in bulk to save money. But Tier 1 makes it incredibly delicious, convenient and it remains one of the best value pre-workouts at $29.99 for the amount of active ingredients.

People often equate complexity to more effectiveness and better value, but that’s just not the case. Here is a comparison of the active ingredients in Tier 1, White Flood and Jack3d (2 very popular pre-workouts):

You’ll see that you get more active ingredients in Tier 1 and the ingredients are given in actual effective dosages. Just because an ingredient is included, doesn’t mean it’s at a dosage that will make an actual difference.

It’s also worth noting that Jack3d contains DMAA, a stimulant similar to amphetamines and was pulled off the market back in the 80’s. Anything containing DMAA is banned on U.S. military bases after 2 soldiers died from using it and will most likely be banned throughout the US in the future. It’s already banned in Canada and several European countries.


I love this product and recommend it for anyone with a scientific mind that chooses well-researched ingredients given at effective dosages over the mysticism of proprietary blends.

It’s simple, safe, effective and delicious.

You can get it through Amazon or their site.

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