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600 Club – 12 Weeks To Lifting Your First 600 lbs (or more)

Here is how to build more muscle and strength in the fastest way possible – and you don’t have to be genetically gifted or buy expensive supplements to achieve it.

The 600 Club is about lifting your first 600 lbs total (or more) in 12 weeks.

A 600 lbs ‘total’ is the combined weight of how much you will be able to Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.

To some people, this goal may seem ambitious in this time frame. But to the people that have gone through optimized strength training, this is not ambitious at all.

It’s all about applying the right method with all the right elements.

And I’m here to provide you with the right method with all the right elements.

So Why Build Strength?

Strength is the best measure of your progress. When you get stronger, muscle gains are to follow. Increased strength also increases your potential of building greater muscle size.

Lastly, lifting heavy will give you denser muscles, which have a better appearance. Some of the greatest bodybuilders of all time (such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman) started off as powerlifters.

You see, there are 2 kinds of muscle growth; sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar.

Sarcoplasm is a fuild and myofibrillis are little rods that help the muscles contract. Higher muscle density comes from the superior development of the myofibrils.

Strength training will stimulate greater myofibrillar growth.

The Immense Growth Capability of a Beginner

As a beginner, your body has an immense growth capability during the first few months of training (around 3-6 months). You will never have another anabolic window like this ever again and if you waste it, you can never go back.

Here is the thing, you can do anything as a beginner and still get results for the first little while.

The difference here is that we will take full advantage of this window so that you can get the immense results that the vast majority of people will never experience (or think is possible).

By applying the right method, we will also extend this window to last longer and continue to make great gains.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if you have been messing around in a gym for years or if you’re 50 years old. Most people are still beginners and are unable to lift any decent weight. If you have never been through this initial process, it’s never too late to start and take advantage of it.

So Why Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift?

These 3 exercises are the best exercises to build overall strength and muscle mass.

When performed correctly, these 3 exercises recruit more muscles than any other exercise and this causes your body to produce more growth hormone.

Want to optimize your upper body growth? You gotta work the lower body hard as well.

The Right Elements

The secret is about applying the key areas of weightlifting in the right way. The 600 Club is about lifting your first 600 lbs total or more in 12 weeks by combining the key areas correctly:

1. Recovery 

Your muscles don’t grow when you work out. It’s actually the opposite, your muscles break down when you workout (lifting weights causes micro-tears to your muscles).

The growth happens during rest and you NEED to eat enough of the right foods so that your body can become bigger and stronger. If you’re pushing it at the gym and not recovering enough, you will stall and stagnate.

This is one of the biggest challenges that skinny guys face, some of them just can’t seem to put on muscle. We’ll be talking about exactly what to eat and how much you need to grow in the 600 Club.

On the other hand if you are looking to lose fat while building muscle and strength, we will talk about that as well.

2. Technique

If you’re not using the right technique/form when lifting, you will not be able to get maximal muscle activation. For maximal growth, you need the muscles to activate optimally.

It’s a sad fact that many people can’t ‘feel’ the muscle that they are trying to target which means that it’s not activating optimally. Or sometimes, people really feel it in their first few workouts but lose the sensation later. Having the correct technique fixes this.

Also, poor exercise technique increases your risk of injury.

When it comes to strength training that stimulates maximal muscle growth, the squat, bench press and deadlift are core exercises. However, there are many variations to each of these exercises. You will use a specific variation that will help you reach your strength goals.

3. Programming

Programming is about how you organize your workout routine. It includes the exercises you are going to be using, which order to do them in and which days to have your workouts on.

The key to great programming is doing just enough work to stimulate maximal muscle growth AND getting enough rest in between workouts so that your body can grow bigger and stronger than before.

Doing just enough work is absolutely key because lifting weights causes your muscles to break down while recovery is where you muscles grow bigger and stronger.

Too much work and you won’t be able to recover enough before the next workout. As a result, you will stall much sooner and you will not reach maximum growth.

Putting it all together

The 600 Club is a combination of resources that applies all of these principles to help you build more muscle and strength in the fastest way possible.

By getting it ‘right’, you can work with something called ‘Linear Progression’.  This is where you will be able to add more weight every session because you will get stronger every time. In fact, you will be able to increase the weight every session until the end of this program if it is done correctly.

The increased weight will stay manageable because you will grow stronger and it won’t feel like you can’t handle the weight.

Who Is The 600 Club For

People that want to start weightlifting to:

  • Build more muscle
  • Get stronger
  • Lose fat
  • Become a better athlete
  • Build a better physique
  • Get better posture
  • Have more focus and energy
  • And even to build more confidence. Guys that get physically stronger and more attractive get more confident.

It’s also for anyone that can’t lift the figures below.

This is the fastest way for beginners to grow whether you want to create a more aesthetic physique and/or looking to become a better athlete.

By following the 600 Club Manual, you will be able to lift the following or more in just 12 weeks:

  • Squat: 225 lbs 3×5
  • Deadlift: 225 lbs 1×5
  • Bench Press: 135 lbs 3×5

This adds up to 585 lbs, but it will be your ‘work weight’. With this work weight, you can easily achieve a 600 lbs total for your 1 rep max on the lifts.

Join The 600 Club Now And Get Started

The best part is that all of this is free!

If you start now, you’ll be at least 600 lbs stronger in 12 weeks. Put this off, and you’ll be kicking yourself in 12 weeks, realizing what you could have had.

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