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Whey Protein Vs Meat For Muscle Growth and Recovery

Whey Protein Vs Meat For Muscle Growth

by Yuan

Let’s talk about whey protein vs meat for recovery and muscle growth. Both sources of protein are great and they each have their uses. To optimize your growth and recovery, you should include both. Here is the why and when:

Whey Protein For Speed Of Digestion

The real advantage of whey protein is the speed of digestion and convenience. You can get amino acids into your bloodstream faster by drinking whey protein than eating meat. So taking whey protein or bcaa’s right before your workout will be much more effective than eating a whole meal.

After a workout, more blood is pumping to the muscles that you have worked and there is signalling for protein synthesis. This is the optimal time for you to get an increased amount of amino acids to those muscles to help them recover and grow.

If you take whey protein pre-workout, an increased amount of amino acids will be available after the workout; when your body needs it most. After that, you can take some time to prepare a well balanced meal.

Whey protein is also a lot lighter than meat and light is better for working out. You will have more mental focus and it’s much easier on the stomach. Otherwise, if your workout gets real intense (think 20 rep squat program)…the food you ate may end up on your shoes.

Whey Protein For Convenience

If you can’t get all of your daily protein needs from meat/whole food, you can use whey protein to help reach your goals. It’s much easier to drink more protein than eating it. This can help you meet your macronutrient requirements as you start ramping up your calories. Eventually, you’ll want to eat more of your protein.

As you try to eat consistently, life will get in the way sometimes. If you have to miss a meal, you can substitute with whey and whatever else you have around (like a banana for example). This is definitely not ideal, but it’s much better than nothing.

Meat Is Best For All Of Your Other Needs

So why is whey protein not ideal? Because of its quick digestion. Its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. Meat and other whole foods will take around 6-8 hours to pass from your stomach to large intestines where further digestion takes place.

During all of this time for digestion, your body is getting a steady source of amino acids. This is what will help you recover and grow faster overall. Because whey protein is digested so fast, it will not provide you with a consistent source of amino acids that is required for optimal recovery and growth.

Athletes and bodybuilders have known this for a long time, the difference in result is very obvious. Recently, this little study confirmed it. Whey protein is only considered as a supplement for a reason.

Meat Is More Nutritious

Besides protein, meat has more micro-nutrients that will help you grow and recover faster. This includes creatine, iron, vitamins, zinc, etc…

Other Sources Of Protein Are Good Too

Eggs, nuts, beans and legumes are good as well. They all provide slightly different nutrients so diversifying your diet has its benefits.

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